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NEW! Woodprint NEXGEN™ Cabinet Doors

Posted in Design on August 30, 2014

We've got four new NEXGEN™ door styles in our Calgary and Edmonton design centers this week, two of which feature Woodprint technology from Uniboard and Olon's Vista finish for the wrapped profiles.

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Sneak Peek: New Product Discussion

Posted in Design on November 2, 2013

We've been talking a lot about our new product development process lately, and thought we might give you a sneak peek into a meeting around something we mentioned in our last blog post on new NEXGEN offerings.

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New NEXGEN Colours - And More Soon!

Posted in Design on October 21, 2013

As promised, here's some more exciting news from our complete product lineup review, this time on additional NEXGEN offerings.

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Tips for a No Hassle & Minimal Interruption Renovation

Posted in Tips & Tricks on September 20, 2013

Renovating can be a stressful process. That's why we work hard at Classic Kitchens & Cabinets to make things as simple and comfortable for you as possible.

Getting started on a renovation or new project with us is as easy as following our 3 Simple Steps.

Beyond these simple steps, there are some other things that can be done to help us provide you the best cabinetry possible, and to make things as comfortable as possible at your end.

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More on Our New Select Doors

Posted in News & Events on June 23, 2012

 We've just posted two new albums on Facebook with pictures from Trico Homes show homes that feature our new five-piece miter construction polyester-wrapped doors.

Trico Homes - Nolan

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New Select Doors

Posted in News & Events on October 14, 2011

We're very excited to be introducing six new door styles in an entirely new material option for Select this week.

These five-piece construction polyester-wrapped miter doors provide a broad range of style and design options from very contemporary to very traditional. Five-piece miter construction gives these doors more natural highlights and shadows relative to single piece Thermofoil doors. At the same time, the high-quality polyester wrap ensures these doors are easy to clean and durable, and will look great for many years to come.

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A Simple but Effective Overhaul

Posted in Renovations on April 21, 2011

Have a look at this home transformation we just finished working on here in Calgary.



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A Big Improvement

Posted in Renovations on April 7, 2011

Small changes can have a big impact on a home. The before & after pictures below show how a new set of cabinets and laminate countertops transform this residence into a modern, attractive home that will be a joy to live in and can be shown with pride.

Kitchen Before



Kitchen After

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